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45 Minutes

Fifi tells her story ... I was so happy when Madame Fontaine said I got the job! What a honor, to take care of such a gorgeous house! It seemed to be a perfectly normal place, and how hard could it be to follow a few simple little household rules? Well, let me tell you, it just didn’t turn out quite like I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I love my job, it just took me by surprise a bit. Let’s see, it all started when Monsieur Fontaine decided that the bar was a wee bit unkempt. I suddenly found myself trying to wiggle out of a very strict hogtie on top of the beautiful (but dusty) bar! Oooh la la, and the ropes, they were so tight – he even tied my elbows together! After I got untied, Monsieur Fontaine insisted I start on the kitchen. I had promised to be very quite, but it wasn’t easy, considering he had tied my wrists and ankles. Soon it was getting late in the day, and I had worked up quite a hunger – but where were the maid’s quarters?! Since I couldn’t disturb the monsieur, I decided to just – how do you say? – raid the ’fridge. I had barely made myself comfortable at the lovely dining room table when all of the sudden Monsieur Fontaine walked in and tied me very securely to the chair I was sitting in. Before I was able to protest very much, Monsieur was layering strip after strip of tape across my mouth. But I’ll let you in on a secret – I was beginning to like these little games we were playing! Some time later, while I was dusting the bathroom, Monsieur charged in and tied me up on the hard cold marble floor. I had forgotten that singing was not an option at the Fontaines’! I rolled all around on that icy surface with a scarf packed in my mouth. What a way to earn a living, huh?! Anyway, after I got myself out of that situation, I was putting some clothes away in the closet, and nut jumped the Monsieur! He pulled me onto the bed and tied me up in a very tight little curled-up position. I bounced and flipped around across the bed, but I just couldn’t get out of those ropes for anything! It wasn’t until the Monsieur tied me to his brass headboard, that I noticed something strange. What was it? Well, it’s Monsieur Fontaine’s secret and I’ve promised not to tell!


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    Product Type DVD
    Category No
    Director No
    Studio Harmony
    Release Date Jan 4, 2017
    Video Length 45 Minutes
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